How to fix Wired fine, Wireless limited and private redirect to get online?

So I have a wrt110n as my internet host with dhcp enabled ip .3 and a wrt54g with dhcp disabled ip .99 both web access https. I can get online with my firewall locked down on wired without disabling the firewall.

Before on wifi I could get online this same way locked down without allowing svchost and system to simply get online. I only need to all the app I use IceDragon to get online.

Now my wifi will only work if i disable the firewall completely and then the activity goes nuts. Internet redirects to a 169.x.x.x to a 169.x.x.255 where all the chaos is occurring is on svchost and system with numerous instances doing all sorts of crazy stuff.

It appears even when my wireless adapter is set up to static, there is an ipv4 auto configuration above it.

Can anyone help me sort of this private redirect issue? Anyway to prevent this in the future? I believe this is the result of hacking from an outside source.