How to find out the snapshot saved file? (Time Machine)

Hi Dear,

I have installed the CTM and it was working good before and my last snapshot was created on 11 Mar 2010.

On 24 March 2010, my windows was crushed and can’t load in, it was only keeping reboot. Also the CTM hadn’t loaded up. After I had tried to solve my computer for more then 20 minutes later, the CTM had loaded up and I pressed the key “HOME”, and then I could see the snapshot schedule up to 11 Mar 2010. Therefore I pressed on 11 Mar 2010 and tried to restore the system, but it didn’t work

Therefore I had installed a new windows. It is happy that I still can load in but my computer’s status was restored to the status on 11 March 2010, that made my computer has lost many files which .

Question:1. it is possible to find out the snaphot schedule’s file which status is between 12 to 23 March?
2. if no, pls advise what else I can do that they system will restore to the status between 12 to 23 March?
3. if yes, pls advise how can I do it.

Many thanks.


As there is no snapshot between 12, Mar. and 23, Mar, you can’t restore system to the status in this period of time. I suggest you to use schedule take snapshot task and settings to create scheduled snapshot. And please attention the hard disk free space, and delete unnecessary snapshot and do defrag.

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