How to find out more about a virus

Comodod detects a File as malware which seems to respawn.
It was quarantained 3 times now and i want to get rid of the whole virus but i have no clue about it.
How to get more informations?

Looks like i posted it in the wrong forum please move it in that case.

zip it, password protect it with a pw “infected” and then PM it to me…
i will get our Virus analysts analyse it and give you a feedback.

Well i have 2 problems with it:

  1. i cannot find it comodo did quarantaine it i think but it seems there is no link anywhere to the folder where it is located now.
  2. Why do i need 3rd party software comodo should be capable of this?

Now i scanned my computer with the first software it did not find anything. Also i have not seen it again it popped only 2 times.