how to find my post

Yesterday i posted question, and today can not see it. If some one was so kind as to make an answer, then surely should be able to see that, and thank them, and think about what they say.
How do we find ourselves on the forum?
Is the answer to just look where you thought you posted it? Well, sometimes apparently, don’t exactly remember, or maybe is not in the place i thought it was.

Is there an easy way?

Am very thankful for, and respectful of the forum.


for sure will remember now this is posted in the “General, no subject, any subject” place

Click on profile at the top of the page, and then click ‘Show Posts’ under ‘Profile Information’ located on the left.

thank you for your reply. Why Comodo has already given me five stars, it is just nice of them.

Now, what you is said very helpful, i did not know, gee, there is a lot of information there, , and a record of what is said. In an ideal world, some of us hope to get smarter, and then have clean start. Be that as it may.

The record shows i sent my message to “announcements and news” See nothing there, so maybe was disqualified.

thank you for answer (:WAV)

You have 5 stars because you’re in the Computer Security Testing Group. All members of groups get 5 stars automatically, no idea why though. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you click on the last part of the link above the post in your list (Show posts) it will take you to the post, there are two replies.