how to export settings so I can import them into another machine?

i have setup several firewall rules, port sets, defense+ and AV settings.

I went to “manage my config” and exported the “internet security” config which is currently active.

When I imported the saved config to my laptop, my firewall rules are not there.

what’s the correct way of backing up my custom setting?

thank you for the help :slight_smile:

You need to activate the rules after importing them.

Also make sure you exported your active configuration. Suppose you are working under Proactive and not using the Internet Security config. When you export the Internet Security config it won’t have any other rules then the basic ones.

thank you for the help.

the way comodo implements import/export seems odd.

What version are you using. It is better with 3.9. On 3.8 it was even more odd.


thanks again for the help :slight_smile: