How to Export Logfiles automaticaly ? [Solved]

Hy I have COMODO CIS installed in several computers on my LAN, and i need to access the LOG files remotely, so my idea was to share the LOG folder so i can access the log files, but these files aren’t generated automaticaly. How can i do this?

Miscellaneous > Settings > Logging > move it to (folder).

Should work, hasn’t really tried it. Unfortunately this will not be “real time”… But well… O0 :-TU
Perhaps move the log every 1 MB is a good idea so you don’t have to wait all day to get a file generated…

I know that function, but 1mb its quite a big amout of data. The file will have lots and lots of entries before its actualy moved to “my folder”

Isn’t there any other solution?

Yah it would take some time to get to 1MB. Perhaps you could open up CIS log viewer ex: (AV > view antivirus events > more) … There is a option to manually export logs there…

Then you could make some autoclick script that click “export all” and “clear” every minute or so… ;D ;D 88) :-TU

Seriously thou…

Good luck, I feel that exporting firewall rules is not really something Iam that familiar with… Hopefully someone else knows more…

This post got moved to Firewall help but actually im interested in the Anti Virus log files.

So there is no way to get the files remotely?


I really need this, isnt there any way to view the log of a remote computer?



It’s format is SQLight so you could try some SQLight tool to try to export it ?
Maybe a command-line one you could schedule…

CIS can’t provide it for you.

edit: moved the post as requested to the AV help section

Cool, but wich is the file where is stored the data?

i dont know what to do so i can access the log data.

On vista that is

c:\programdata\comodo\firewall pro\cfplogdb.sdb

On XP that should something like
c:\documents and settings\all users\comodo\firewall pro\cfplogdb.sdb

Maybe this tool can help you out ?

Thanks, ill check it out and give you the feedback!

Thats it! Thanks alot! :-TU

Sorry to bug you, but what is the date format on the log?

It appears like this: “2455077,02201389” for a event that in CIS Log Viewer shows as “9/2/2009 12:31:42 PM”

I just need to know wich format is it in so i can convert to a readable format like in CIS Log Viewer

Can you schedule it from a command-line also ?
Or do you just need it to open the file remote ?

For the time-format i have no idea… i tried unix time but that doesn’t match…

You can also try to open the .sdb file using the log viewer en selecting File, Open and point that to the remote share and file and then use export on the CIS Log viewer.

You have to press the “More” button on the default viewer to it opens the real log viewer.

I didnt remember that one, it should do the trick, i just need to view the log…so that will work for me, i just add a shortcut to my desktop pointing to cfplogvw.exe so its faster to open.

Thanks, problem solved! :comodosavedmylife: :ilovecomodo: :BNC