How to export/import network zones?

I used “Manage My Configurations | Export | COMODO - Optimum Security” to create a configuration file. That files was imported onto another computer on the same network. “My Network Zones” were not imported from the saved configuration file.

How can the full configuration be exported/imported?

You need to select and apply the import. Read the help file it explains all. (B)

I tried that, no go. Just realized there might be a conflict with ThreatFire or Avira AV. Will set Comodo fw as a trusted exception in them and try again. This might also the solution to the other problem about which I’ve just posted.

You dont need Threatfire if you have D+ active. They are both behavior blockers. If you Export As then Import As then Select it works just fine. I do it all the time. Did you read the help file?

Did you rename your export?

Here’s a little background to help explain: I was using ZoneAlarm, AVG AV and ThreatFire. AVG turned into a bloated pig. ZoneAlarm was smacked by a Windows update. Comodo and Avira test better and have lighter footprints plus endorsements over AVG and ZoneAlarm. Comodo was quite “noisy” and seemed to complain too often so I followed to reduce the complaints and kept using ThreatFire because the comments at claim Comodo does not have the behavior-based aspect which ThreatFire provides. I briefly tried GesWall but found it to be quite intrusive. Sandbox might work for other people. It creates work for me. I’d prefer to stop using ThreatFire if D+ looks at behavior. I did manually add apps like email, ftp, etc. to the trusted list in Comodo which should help a lot. Are the statements that D+ does have good behavior blocking incorrect?

Yes, I did save the exported configuration file to another name and another location. Good question you asked.

Please don’t follow advice from Wilders when asking questions in here.

I use Sandboxie all the time when I surf the dark side and it works great.

OK, I’ll get rid of ThreatFire and use only D+. The “proper” thing to do would be disconnect from the 'net, run a full malware scan (Comodo and Avira, just to be safe) then restore the default settings of Comodo, keeping the current whitelist I’ve manually added and switch to clean PC mode for Comodo FW, right?

ThreatFire interferes with FF 3 addons, too. What a pain.

What’s with Wilders? Do you think they’re flaky like GRC?

GeSWall free version marks everything which is downloaded as being untrusted and makes it darn hard to change that status. That’s not really freeware, it’s more like crippled-to-manipulate-you-ware.

SandboxIE is nicer than that? I like the idea of a sandbox and forced background mallware scanning of everything that’s downloaded, just hated the way GeSWall screwed a lot of things up.