How to exclude files from being virtualized

How do I keep my bookmarks permanent when running any browser in cis’s sandbox?

You will need to add the bookmarks file or folder to the the sandbox exclusions.

You can find details in the help file.

Scroll down until you see To define exceptions for files and folders.

In chrome isn’t it the bookmark file with no extension?
I did that and chrome crashed on me

Sorry, I don’t use Chrome so I don’t know what bookmark file is called.

It’s just a file with no extension named bookmarks

I’ve been testing things in my VM and excluding bookmarks works with dragon but if one wants to exclude an extension in chromium browsers how is that accomplished?

As I mentioned, I don’t use Chrome. Hopefully someone who does will know the Chrome file structure.

You need to add the group Web Browser Data Folders to the exclusions of virtualised files and folders.

You would need to add Chrome to the Web Browser Data Folders group as it is not by default part of it.

I assume you can use the ruleset for Dragon as a template for Chrome. Remember you need to look up your profile number for Chrome.