How to exclude certain place to allow constant change of dll or exe

I’m using Internet Download Manager on my Vista machine. Every time it starts, it modify some temporary dll in a certain place. And also I get them in my pending list over and over. And it is really annoying. Also my av software(avira antivir) updates itself from time to time. So the dll files it used change, and them frequently appear in my pending file too. So how i get rid of them, once for all (:KWL), I mean other than uninstalling them. (:TNG)

Looks like you have to purge and remove each time.As long as you know there safe just remove from pending list each time.I have avira and after each update there are at least 3 files in my pending files ive tried putting them in my safe files/i have avira set as a trusted application etc etc,but they allways come up.Its summat were gonna have to put up with.

Nice 1 Matty

I usually allow a few temporary file to be downloaded and check “remember my answer”. Then I go to Defense+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy and I find the application. I double-click on the application and go to Access Rights and click Modify for “Protected Files/Folders”. Let’s say I had allowed three downloads that resulted in the following entries:


I would delete two of them, and change the other to:

This allows the application to save any file it wants to c:\SomeUserDir\SomeApplication\files.


Thanks for reply. But in either way, comodo still treat them as unsafe file, and add them to pending file list

Don’t worry about cleaning the pending files list, the worst thing that could happen is that Defense+ asked about them, and most times that’s not the case with these temporary files. Move to your safe files just when you have just installed some new program and the files are permanent, not when and update creates temporary files.

Problem is sometimes comodo does not ask for it and just blocks some activities. I’m in clean PC mode. For example, if I do not move them to safe file or explicit add to allow run an executable list, the IE integration feature of Internet Download Manager just does not work. In another example, I got a update program just want to start a just downloaded installing program which I explicitly allow it. And the installing program fails to start when it is my pending file llist

Sorry to hear that, looks like I’m lucky and I don’t experience this with my programs. :-\ Guess that nobody said a HIPS was set-and-forget. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway I’d guess that D+ should ask, never block without asking, maybe you could post a bug report.