How to exclude certain directories/files by path?

I am a software developer. I noticed that sometimes CPF’s analyzer is analyzing the programs generated by my compiler. I would like to avoid that. Also, when I run my test suite, I always get prompted to allow the application to access the network by CPF, because the executable file always gets regenerated during the execution of the test suite. I would like to say “totally ignore all programs that exist under c:\projects.” Is that possible?

Hi, welcome to the forums. Under Security tab , Tasks, define trusted application? Is this what you are looking for?



Yes, that is part of the functionality I need. But, I would like to avoid having to choose each individual file–I want to select a directory and say “ignore everything under this directory.” I often make copies of the source trees for different branches, and I don’t want to have to choose to trust dozens of .exe files individually every time I make a branch.

For example, consider a file “c:\projects\trunk\tests\test1.exe” that I have to trust. Now, I make a branch and another copy of “test1.exe” will be generated, e.g. “c:\projects\branch-1\tests\test1.exe.” I would have to manually select this copy of the file to trust.

Now, imagine that there are 20+ executables in the “tests” directory I want to trust. And, imagine that every day I am likely to make at least one temporary branch. That means, I would have to repeat this option literally hundreds of times per month.

Another reason that I want to have this option is that often cmdagent.exe keeps an open file handle on some file in one of my project subdirectories. When I go to wipe out the subfolder (which happens quite often), I get “permission denied” errors, and I have to close the open file handle using Sysinternals Process Explorer.

Finally, I worry that cmdagent.exe is slowing down my builds as it seems to attach to every executable during my build process and seems to generate cryptographic signatures for literally thousands of generated executables (there are hundreds of tests, and each test is re-compiled and tested using multiple configurations).