How to exclude a batch file from being sandbox ?


I want to be able to execute a safe batch file out of the sandbox but whatever I do :

  • Directory in exclusion
  • Uncheck Auto Sandbox
  • HIPS monitoring rules modifications

The batch file still sandboxed…

CIS is configured as Firewall only (antivirus unstalled) with proactive settings.

It is annoying that comodo does not want to take into consideration some settings. It is the same for some executables always blocked despite I unblock them…

My somebody explain me the way to allow a trusted batch file to execute ?

Thank you in advance.

Use the unblock applications task.

Well, for instance an application called Brmon.exe or something ike that which is completely safe is always blocked by HIPS (shell code injection or something like that). I did exactly what you suggest and moreover I created a rule saying not to block (or application safe) but, after next reboot, at startup it is still blocked.

For the bach file, in fact, I made a mistake in the first post. In fact, I have a batch file launching Minecraft64 (java application). When autosandbox is activated, when launching the bat file BSOD appears. Whatever I tryed to exclude this particular bat file to prevent sandboxing, it always is sandboxed… So I’m obliged to disable autosandboxing. I would like to take benefits of this feature and to be able to prevent this bat file to be sandboxing. I need help for this…

Thank you

Can you attach your HIPS and containment logs? Also attach the .bat file that keeps getting sandboxed.

Ok I will test the evening or this week-end and provide you all logs and file