How to except LAN-PC?


i try to explain my problem first: I have three pc. On every PC is runnig CIS (only the firewall) and OS (Windows 7 Pro 64-bit). I cannot except the two other pc in the firewall!
They are blocked, if the firewall is on!

I already tried to make a global rule. In this rule i made those parameters:
Action: Allow
Protocoll: TCP and UDP
Direction: In and Out
Description: LAN


Start Ip (fixed on every PC to the last one
End IP

All other options like destination or ports set as random.

Also the pc are registered as Lokal Network under Network-Zones. They are not blocked under “Blocked Zones”.
What i´m doing wrong?

What do you mean by this??

You need to make sure the inbound and outbound rules on all PCs allow traffic to and from ports 53, 138 and 139 at a bare minimum to allow normal LAN traffic to occur.

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I cannot except the two other pc in the firewall! They are blocked, if the firewall is on!

Are you using Internet Connection Sharing on one of the PCs?

Thanks for the fast answers!

[at]panic: What i mean: I want the firewall to ignore traffic from those pc from the LAN ANYWAY! There is no need to block traffic from them. If i set a global rule to uncheck the traffic i think it has to work, but if i make “global rules” i have the impression that nothing has been changed…

Maybe there is a higher rule to block the traffic, but i couldn´t find it out…

btw - The Network is already tagged in the Networkzones as “Lokal Area Network” with the full IP adresses.

[at]Radaghast: No, i don´t need to use ICS. the ist the router. This connection works great without a need to change the configuration. It has also NAT.

The firewall has crashed an reset the configuration. It has also added my pc automatically to the networkzones and made exceptions for the traffic from them. I don´t know if it works right now, but i´ll post it after a few days or if there are any issues. Maybe there was an issue, the program never asked me to add any computer to add to any zones.

Thanks for the replies…

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