How to enable D+ ? [RESOLVED]

I have installed only the basic firewall. If I decide to enable the Defense+ feature in order to experience the full power of CPF 3, how shall I do that?
Thanks. :slight_smile:
P.S. The Windows firewall is on. Shall I turn it off?
P.P.S. Melih, I’m very sorry for doubting you. You kept your promise. Now it’s my turn to spread the word. (L)

just go to: Defense+ / Advanced / Defense+ Settings / General Settings
and uncheck:
Deactivate the Defense+ permanently

Hope this helps

Thanks grampa. :slight_smile:
How about the Windows firewall?

Sorry, I didn’t see your 2nd question.
It’s recommended not to run 2 firewalls at a time, so you’d better turn it off. Even if I’ve heard that there are no conflicts between the two, there’s no additional security to be gained.

It’s done. :slight_smile:
Thank you. :slight_smile: