How To: Edit existing synchronized folders ?

Hey guys !

I’ve been using the “Synchronize Data” tool under “Other Profiles” of Comodo Backup for the past 6 months or so.

I would like to change the refresh rate between the 2 folders but can’t find a way to see existing synch between folder via the GUI !?

What if I want to delete/stop such an existing synch !?

Help !



Please go to “Manage”, select “Recent Events”, select “List” to switch to the list view. In order to view your syncronized backups, select “All activities” from the first drop down menu and “Syncronized Backups” from the second drop down menu. For each entry there are two buttons: one for delete and one for extending the detailed view. Click on the triangle button to see the sync details and then click on “edit”. From here you can modify the backup settings and the frequency of the sync execution.

Thank you for your support !