How to easily "start over"

Is there a way to cause CIS to forget everything you have told it to “remember” as alerts popped up?

I’d like to “start from scratch” on rules the easiest way possible.

Import a default configuration. You can find them in the CIS program folder.

COMODO - Firewall Security.cfgx
COMODO - Internet Security.cfgx
COMODO - Proactive Security.cfgx

Clear all entries in your File List and let CIS reconstruct the Files List from scratch.

If I am understanding this, that will also change all of my ‘settings’ (options), right?

Is there any way to do it where all of the “remember” rules are deleted without changing the options of how I want CIS to work?

Yes, it would set everything back to default for the particular configuration. What I do is take a screenshot of the windows I make changes in so I can refer back to them when I uninstall and reinstall. You could do this before activating the new config. Then you could go through and reset things the way you had them. I can’t think of anything that would be easier for you to get your settings back while also deleting the “remember” rules.

If you want, you could just go through your FW rules and remove all you have except the defaults. This would start you off with an empty palette. You can also do this with D+ but you will need to keep the defaults in place. I’ve attached a photos of the default rules for the Proactive config.

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I decided to do as you and make screen images of the settings.
Good grief–it took 30 files…30 screens.

And now it dawns on me that in some of them, I needed to select items on the right side and open EDIT to see what the settings are–didn’t do that, so I don’t really have everything even with 30 images.

May I say that a human READABLE export of settings is desperately needed.

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I just checked my screenshots and I have 32. It takes a while initially, but after that, you only need to make new ones if the UI changes a particular window.

Many of us have asked for separate settings exporting. It would be handy to be able to export UI settings, FW rules, D+ rules and File List separately. Unfortunately, when you export your config, it includes all settings and rules except the File List.

Well, I have never looked for the exported config file.
Is it human readable?
I had assumed not.

It’s not. You would have to export your configs manually. CIS doesn’t do it automatically.