How to downgrade from CB2.x to CB1?

Recently I upgraded from CB to CB 2, but now I’d like to downgrade. The problem is, after uninstalling CB2, when I run the installer of CB, I get a message saying there is a version of CB installed using an older installer, and it ask me to go to Control Panel and uninstall it, but I have already uninstalled it. What can I do?

Hi Jabbit

CB 1 and CB 2 should be able to run together on your system. I would suggest that somehow the uninstall of v-1 was not complete and you may have to run a registry cleaner or an uninstaller such as revo. If you use a reg. cleaner be very careful as they can make your system inoperable if too many entries are deleted. When you run it delete only those items that refer to Comodo Backup. Then do a search for files containing Comodo Backup and delete them. Then CB 1 should install with no problem.


Had this same problem.
V2 was awful, and attempted to re-install V1.
Got the same type message, reg cleaners would not, and I manually could not, fix the problem. This is a problem that developers seem to be uninterested in correcting.

Abandoned CB because of the inability to install V1 after its un-install.

Maybe they can run together, but if I remember it correctly, it was Comodo Backup 2 installer who said version 1 should be uninstalled. Anyway, is there a reg. cleaner you would recommend to use?

A lot of people use CCleaner. I use RegSeeker and Comodo System Cleaner.

Revo Uninstaller portable did the trick, it uninstalled CB 2.x and also the traces of CB1. Now I’m running CB1 and I’m happy again ;D