How to do basic config?

Hi There

I first visit as I have just installed Comodo FW so I hope I have posted in correct forum.

I wonder if anyone could point out some basic config to me as the constant opo up in ST is confusing me a bit.

Even if I say allow, it seems to return.

Hi frenchman96

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Can you please let us know what OS you have and also if you have installed CFP version 2.4. Also describe the problem that you are having.



I made spelling mistake, it should say pop ups but they really are alerts, just like I used to get in ZA, warning me of a prog trying to open etc. Its just that it often repeats itself even after I have selected.

My vesrsion is V and my os is xp home.

I am a reasonably experienced user (always hard to explain your skills/or lack of) but I would like some help in configuring Comodo to its best settings.

BTW, does this site notify me about replies. ???

I will move this to help for version 3 and it will get more exposure.


When you first install Comodo it already is at the best settings. You can change D+ to safe mode instead of clean pc mode.

Something similar was occurring in another topic, regarding Yahoo email. The problem was that an alert pop-up was occurring each time the mail program contacted a different email server. Yahoo has many email servers, so there were many alert pop-ups.

Can you post a screenshot of one of the alert pop-ups? The IP address might give enough information to suggest a solution.

BTW, does this site notify me about replies.
Yes, it can. There is a "Notify" button at the bottom of the page that will subscribe you to this topic. You will get email when a new posting is made to the topic.