How to display Comodo Firewall via Remote Desktop?

Hi all,

I’ve just installed Comodo Personall Firewall (Windows 2000 server) and configured it so I can connect to the server using Terminal Services. All goes well, but the only thing I miss is the icon in the System Tray when I connect remotely. In fact I CAN see the icon when I log on to the server directly.

Is there a way to force to display the icon in the system tray when I log on to my server remotely? I badly need it, because if I don’t see it and start an application (remotely) which is not defined in CPF, it will NOT show the alert box remotely. Locally I see the alert box coming up and can allow the app to access the internet. Hope you get it :slight_smile:

Any help is appreciated,



What rules did you use to get onto the server using remote desktop?