how to disinfect win32 sality virus

Hi all my system n all exe files are infected with sality virus not all the antivirus detect them.but when i push remove i wil get all my exe files deleted.
I wanted to know is there any way to remove sality virus from exe files without deleting them?

I have not found anythig which cleans exe files without deleting them.Any method plz

Did you try

as soon as i click on the link my web browser crashes.i have tried both firefox n internet explorer.can u plese post the method here.
thanks for your support

Here are the instructions in video:

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you must download dr web cure it resue cd from an clean computer and then boot with that cd in the infected computer. and hopefully dr web willl detects that sality and will remove it so you could be able to go online and use programs like malwarebytes or superantispyware to check if there is still infections in your computer. if dr web is not able to dell with it, im afrad you have to reinstall your os from scrats.

best of luck to you that dr web will cure that sality infection. let us know how it goes.