How to disable windows 7 firewall?

I want to disable windows 7 firewall, first I turn off the windows firewall from firewall setting, then I stop the windows firewall service, is safe to turn off windows firewall service if I use another firewall?

From other posts on this forum it seems like the firewall service (although the firewall may be turned off) is needed for things like sharing printers(?) and folders(?)
From what I’ve gathered the Windows Firewall is off when you set it to off however the firewall service has other functions too but it won’t act as if the firewall was enabled, if I understand it correctly.

Hmm I’m not sure about this, if you could point me to a right source will be great :-TU

I don’t know if it’s true and as I said I only read about it here in the forum, thread is here:

Whilst it’s possible to disable the services related to Windows firewall, doing so may cause any application that makes use of the Windows filtering Platform to fail. Personally, I’d just turn of the firewall in Control Panel and leave the firewall and base filtering engine services as they are.

Easy way is to open services and check for dependents in the windows firewall service and if i remember correctly there are no dependencies.

Just to be clear, even if there are no dependencies, it does not guarantee a problem free experience. For more information it’s worth reading:

Windows Firewall with Advanced Security Deployment Guide

I Need to Disable Windows Firewall

Do not disable Windows Firewall by stopping the service. Instead, use one of the preceding procedures (or an equivalent Group Policy setting) to turn the firewall off. If you turn off the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security service, you lose other benefits provided by the service, such as the ability to use Internet Protocol security (IPsec) connection security rules, Windows Service Hardening, and network protection from attacks that employ network fingerprinting. For more information about Windows Service Hardening, see Non-Microsoft firewall software that is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 can programmatically disable only the parts of Windows Firewall with Advanced Security that need to be disabled for compatibility. You should not disable the firewall yourself for this purpose. Stopping the service associated with Windows Firewall with Advanced Security is not supported by Microsoft.

You’ll also find many instances where disabling the firewall related services has caused numerous problems.

Well thanks for all the reply, hmm we will see if something is not working, so far the only thing is not working is firewall. As far as dependency only Firewall, and Base filter are listed. So if I use other strong firewall, that 100% work independently, don’t see the point.

Out of curiosity, what do you believe you gain by disabling the service?

Well good to ask, I just simply want that my privatefirewall do his job without help off firewall service.

Sounds like you’ve got all the boxes ticked.

To add my reason to disable the service :slight_smile:

I have found on occasion the Windows Firewall has manged to enabled itself again.


Perhaps CIS likes Windows firewall services. If CIS 6 on Windows 8 is anything to go by, they need each other…

So you too disable the service? Well for me it’s a strong point, if you don’t encounter any issue so far. Waiting your answer.

Yes always had it disabled, and a few other sevices aswell never had problems, though I have never wanted to share files etc.

The windows firewall enabling was on my partners computer and my Vista Desktop computer.


+1 to this. I agree

Thank you Dennis, and tank you all for your kindness to reply my request :slight_smile: