How to disable use of theme/skin in CFP v3?

I have my XP Pro install heavily customized – style, icon patcher, custom resources – but Comodo FP v3 keeps using it’s own skin.

I poked around CFP v 3. skins thread, and have gone under Themes and changed themes (I’ve downloaded a few from the v3 skin thread here). But, how do you disable the use of (at least) the window portions of the skinning? It looks completely out of character for my system, and I’d like it to just use the style I have set in XP Control Panel.

Is there a hack to make it just use standard window styles?


AFAIK, there is none… even in WindowBlinds (my version 6.10 b55)…

No hacks in CFP 3.


Umm…this thread is 3 months old. See CIS (Comodo Internet Security). Our wishes are answered.