How to disable / uninstall CAV from CIS v4


I’ve been using the free version of CIS since the beginning, and used the stand-alone firewall before that, so I know and like your security.

But I choose to use another antivirus other than CAV, and when I install CIS, I opt out of the antivirus installation.

A friend of mine would like to uninstall just the antivirus portion of his CIS v4, but since I’ve never had it installed, I don’t know what to tell him.

BTW, I did search the forums and I did find some disable instructions, but they applied to v3… can’t seem to find any for v4.

Thank you.

Start Menu

COMODO / COMODO Internet Security / Add and Remove Components

Click Change and then Untick the Antivirus.

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Thanks Dennis2.

My first thoughts were along that line, but not having installed it in the first place, I thought we may have had different sets of options.

That’s a nice way to have it set up, BTW.