How to disable tray icon arrows in the new 4.-version? (FOUND IT)

Hi! I had the v3.xxxx some time ago, but I changed my AV for the sake of better security, but after I got enough of Avira’s false positives and ads… So then I redowloaded the CIS.

So first I noticed the new UI, which looked so much worse than the older skin. :frowning:

After that I tried to find the setting that I could disable the red and green arrows on the tray, because I like simple icons, which do not flash without a good reason.

Is there any way to disable the arrows?

Also if you know where I can get the old theme back (the green/blueish one), let me know. :slight_smile:

Thanks beforehand.

EDIT: I have to be f*cking blind. The setting is in the same place as in older versions…

It’s in More, Settings.

I’ll move the post to the appropriate help board.