How to disable the Comodo safelist

I’ve gone through the 328 pages user guide for CIS, but I still have one question.

The manual states:
Defense+ trusts the applications if:
• The application/file is included in the My Own Safe Files list
• The application is from a vendor included in the My Trusted Software Vendors list.
• The application is included in the extensive and constantly updated Comodo safelist.

I’m experimenting with disabling ALL sorts of whitelists except what I create myself. I have already disabled the one for “My Trusted Software Vendors list”. Can I also somehow disable the “Comodo safelist”? Is it possible?

To disable the safe list set D+ Settings (Defense + → Advanced) to Paranoid.

As simple as that, thank you for the answer. :slight_smile:

Hallo again. It seems that things have changed a bit in later versions of Comodo Firewall and that it is lo longer enough to just choose Paranoid Mode to disable all whitelisting in Comodo. Please see this thread for details:;new;topicseen#new

Is it still possible to disable all whitelisting? If so, how?