How to disable the annoying drag right/left "feature" [Solved]

I need to drag files onto a button on a webpage, but that danged dragging left and right feature that is built into IceDragon comes in the way and covers the target button and the entire left edge of the page with those ugly transparent blobs trying to get me to drop the file into facebook or twitter and whatnot instead of where I want.

So my question: As this so called feature is pure malware from my point of view, Is there a way to disable the danged thing?
Mod edit: Added solved to the topic title, Captainsticks.

Hi dahaiou,
Disable the ‘DragAndDrop’ extension.

Kind regards.

Thanks captain. I had done so actually, but I had missed that I needed to restart the browser for it to take effect. All clear now.

That is good to hear. :slight_smile: