How to disable start page opening to

:frowning: Since Google has somehow integrated Yahoo into the chrome browser, my CD opens on the yahoo start page whenever I launch CD. I remove the yahoo entry from the list of background pages, but it keeps coming back and setting itself as the primary start page. This is extremely annoying, as I want CD to open on the page of MY CHOICE not the page some marketing gurus at Google decide I should see.
I’m dropping Chrome because of the constant, usually unnecessary, changes to Chrome, and if I can’t set up CD the way I prefer, I suppose I will have to drop CD also, so can anyone please tell me how to set my CD opening page to a page I choose and have my choice stick?
To repeat, I do not want to see Yahoo when I open CD, changing this in CD settings does not work, disabling automatic updates does not work, how can I eliminate this behavior and have the start page I want?


Please try installing the portable version and reproduce the scenario. This will verify if there is a problem with the user profile.

Thank you.