How to disable some startup programs by CIS?

My home PC is equipped with Windows Vista Home Basic Service Pack 1 and Comodo Internet Security (CIS) 3.8.64739.471. The latter (firewall and defense+) works smoothly and satisfactorily.

I wish that some unnecessary “startup programs” would be disabled by CIS while my PC is starting to run. Similar feature is provided by Microsoft System Configuration Utility (msconfig), which is sometimes not efficient.

I appreciate it much if any member of Comodo team will soon give me any technical assistance - how to edit the setting of CIS appropriately.


If you go to the Active Processes list in Defense+ you can right click the process and select Terminate and Block.

That cannot run again until you remove it from ‘My Blocked Files’.

You can use Autoruns. :wink:

Hi, James

Thank you for your advice.

It seems that “my block files” as one of the common tasks is not so flexible as a normal Startup Manager. The latter just has to indicate “Enable”, “Disable” or “Remove” on any unnecessary startup program.

I am puzzled why CIS defense+ cannot have such an added feature.



Do you use Ccleaner??? That is a very great program to disable normal startups… You can just disable any program instead of deleting it… Revo Uninstaller, also provides this facility.

BTW, CIS is a firewall and to check start ups Comodo’s program is Comodo Registry Cleaner… However, the new CSC it seems have removed this function (which may be added in future)… if you have an earlier version of CRC ( it had this feature.

For the time being you can use Ccleaner as msconfig may give you some troubles… If you wish you disable things without installing a new software… You may try services.msc (type services.msc in Start>Run and enter - for XP) , which is safer than msconfig. However, be careful not to disable critical items and at the most set the items to manual instead of disable to avoid any crashes.

I would still suggest ccleaner as it is safer and is also a great utility to get rid of junks from your computer.

Hi, Layman

Thank you for your response with details.

Those programs you’ve mentioned are being used. Admittedly, each has its own good points.



I’ve used Mike Lin’s "Startup Control Panel’ for a few years now.

Seems thorough and I like how it places an easily accessible shortcut in the control panel. Very easy to use.

Never had one problem with it, and I’ve never noticed any resources being used by it

Other than that, Comodo Registry Cleaner has a tool built in that’s similar.