How to disable "Installation mode" pop-up window?

I hate the pop-up window forcing me to switch to installation mode. It shows every time when I choose that application is “Installer or Updater” and I must always click “No”, because I don’t want to switch - every time! (I prefer to have everything under control and to see if installer executes other applications etc.)

I have already looked in D+ settings but didn’t find anythig.

I would like to have setting - checkbox - for disabling this pop-up window (user can always switch to installation mode manualy) or it could completely disable installation mode (no way to switch to installation mode).

I like Comodo FW very much, but this stupid Window always makes me angry. It’s VERY annoying!


Agree :-TU
I too never use install. mode because i too always want to control what “installer or updater” tries to execute.

I’m glad its there. I wouldn’t want to allow 100 alerts for installing something.

You only get the opportunity to click “NO” after you have selected to use the predefined policy of “Installer or Updater”. If you don’t select this, you won’t have to select “NO”.

Simply leave the alert on ALLOW (and REMEMBER, if you want), which is the default action, and you won’t be worried by installation mode any more.

Ewen :slight_smile:

err…then don’t choose “treat this application as installer or updater”,
i think that choice is there to give more priviledge for installer/updater & reduce pop up.
so, what you’re doing is like you say you trust it, but actually you don’t
if you’re an alert freak (:TNG) simply choose “allow” . ;D
oh, you can switch to installation mode manually by clicking this

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Brilliant! (:CLP)

I always click install mode in the main GUI before installing anything. Works like a charm. (R)