How to disable "Geek Buddy screen", displayed even when not installed?

I’m using a CIS 5.9.219863.2196 clean install (without GeekBuddy and Dragon) here.
When a virus or malware is found, a GeekBuddy’s screen is showed…

I don’t want to be informed about this service, because I have disabled it when the CIS was installed.
So… How to disable this screen…?!?


Hi Fraguas,
Please check the post here by EricJH.
Tick “Don’t ask me this question again”.
Hope that works for you.

Yes, that’s what I was saying …

But I wish it did not show any screen …
Whenever I install software on a new PC, I have to click on a malware, so this screen appears, and then be able to click so that it is not displayed again …
Interesting it would be shown only as a user option (selected during installation), no?

Screen text is in English (even selecting Brazilian Portuguese during installation), and the end user often does not know this language …
Could then display the text in Brazilian Portuguese?

…anyway, thanks for replying …