How to disable D+ log for a specified program?

Firewall has this option but D+ doesn’t. After establishing a rule for a program, I prefer D+ to log no more for this program, since when I watch the “Summary” panel, the message “D+ has blocked N intrusions so far” always makes me nervous.
Is there any way to do this?

What things are being logged?

Direct keyboard access, etc. I set the rule to block such actions of the program. I’m totally aware what actions the program would execute, so there is no need for D+ to alert me how many intrusions have been blocked for this program any more.
I often check the “Summary” panel of CIS to see if there is any unknown intrusion. The logging of block actions for programs already with specific rules is kind of “false alarm” to me.

I noticed there is no such option, but is there other alternative way to disable this?
Or, in future version, would this be improved?

As far as I know you can’t do this.

There are no plans that I know of to provide such function. The thing you can do is add a wish in the Wishlist - CIS board.