How to disable Comodo default scheduled tasks?

In Windows Task Scheduler there are three comodo entries? My question is how to disable them, and specially the first one which runs cistray.exe on logon. If i delete the task it is recreated on Windows restart.

Why is not possible to close cis.exe cistray.exe from command prompt? I get “Access is denied” even so i am logged as a administrator.

The way the developers are limiting the user management for simple things like these is so annoying.

Because all are protected from memory access ie:- other process not allowed to kill them be it malware or anything else.

So, how the COMODO Removal Tool 2014 - Mods version is suppose to work then? I tried to use it, but of course it didn’t work, because it can’t stop the comodo processes.

If I remember correctly without actually checking, you are suppose to run the tool in safe mode.

How did you try to close the processes?