How to disable CIS on startup in latest Version (3.10.102194.530)

I recall in 3.9 that I could go to Settings under the miscellaneous tab and disable CIS on startup. This option seems to have disappeared or been moved. How do I do this in 3.10?
Thanks in advance for any help on this one.

You’re right, this option seems to be gone. Just a thought: what about disabling the COMODO Internet Security Helper Service?

Yes it has been replaced with Automatically check for program updates.
Did it work or was it the wrong text.

Hi Leonaquila,
Thanks for your reply. I tried disabling COMODO Internet Security Helper Service using msconfig but cfp.exe still starts up. The old way worked great and allowed me to test other security SW without worrying about interaction with CIS. I am surprised that a feature would be removed without any notification. I couldn’t find anything in release notes regarding this. I know that for most users this is just a set and forget option, but I actually used it quite a bit. I suppose I should make an official request that this feature be added back into CIS.


oops, :-[
LeoniAquila - sorry I misspelled your name

OK, I was afraid this is the case. Probably you can’t disable the service due to CIS’s self-protection. I’m also surprised this was removed… not much we can do right now I’m afraid, other than requesting Comodo to put this feature back in CIS (feel free to post a wish, thank you!).


Ps. No problem regarding the name but thank you for the concern :a0

Just tested it on 3.9 all it does is remove the entry from Run in the registry the service was still runnng on reboot.

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