How to disable Autorun in Windows?


I think I’ve seen a manual created by one of our nice Moderators, but cant seem to find the tutorial.

Does anyone know where it is (I’ve searched for it) or knows how to disable autorun in winxp and win7?

Thanks a lot!

heres a simple guide. Its not how i do it but it works. I use the control panel dont remember exactly where at since im not at my computer.

Hi w-e-v,

In addition to Win 7 instruction link provided by wasgij6 the following is for XP

the script that you can run (attached). <>.txt extension added deliberately so it’s possible to attach
, but prior to that you can just compare respective values in the registry. Probably you have them already set correctly
2) tip for XP
3) Check whether MS patch KB967715 is installed

Update for Windows XP (KB967715) Install this update to resolve an issue in which AutoRun features were not correctly disabled. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer.

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the way i do it through control panel is click hardware and sound → autoplay → then uncheck the top box “use autoplay for all media and devices”

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Thanks wasgij6 ,

but you are still talking about win7 only, where as far as know the silly (def fault :D) feature is disabled by default
At the same time the question was about XP as well (hope I got that right)


Thank you SiberLynx and wasgij6. You really made my day answering my question.

Have a great week! :-TU