How to disable automatic adding the applications by Comodo to Trusted files?

How to disable automatic adding the applications by Comodo to Trusted files?
Comodo adds many files that are not signed by trusted software vendors. Besides there are many vendors, private keys of which can be possibly compromised in the future. That’s why I want only manually to add files to the trusted files list or at least I want to see a popup alert from Comodo with a question “Must we add this aplication to trusted files list or no?”.

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I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you’ll have to remove the entries from the TVL (Trusted Vendors List) to prevent automatic additions to ‘Trusted files’

Ok. I remove all entries from TVL. This don’t solve the problem!
In trusted files list there are applications that don’t have digital signature and they were added to TVL automatically. What about them? :wink:

Can you provide an example please, I’m sure some people would like to see these ‘untrusted’ files.

On top of what Radaghast advised you about the TVL, I think you should uncheck “Perform cloud based behavior analysis of unrecognized files” and “Automatically scan unrecognized files in the cloud” under Defense+ Settings >Execution Control Settings.

I have deleted all files in TFL. Now there is no any file whithout signature yet. But it will appear :slight_smile: and I will inform here.

These checkboxes are unchecked.

I see that all files(with or without digital signature) that were in Protected files and folder list(PFFL) all are added automatically to Trusted files list(TFL)! Why not ask about adding, at least about files that haven’t digital signature? It’s worth saying that I could add files to my folder that is in PFFL by Total Commander(often used). This is done when Total Commander runs under usual privileges and asks me for administrative privileges(this do often and it’s a usual operation) when I try to add some file to protected folders and I grant their.