How To Disable Auto-Update In Comodo Firewall Version: 5.3.181415.1237

Hi. I have got Comodo Firewall Version 5.3.181415.1237 and want to permanently disable the Automatic Updates. The last installation of 5.3.181415.1237 kept on updating off-and-on for several weeks, but then one day when it was opened up just to check on things, the entire interface had radically changed!!! Instead of the beautiful, slick appearance of Comodo, the interface looked a faded greyish/yellowish colour, almost a grubby black-and-white, and the lettering everywhere looked like it had been been done on an old-fashioned carriage typewriter!!! This was extremely alarming, so I uninstalled it, and then downloaded another copy from CNET, and have been trying to not let it update. I don’t want “Geekbuddies” or a quasi-antivirus, just want a pure FireWall.

However, every time the “checks” or “ticks” in “Preferences” > “Update” are deselected (“Enable” and “”) and Comodo is closed, then when it is opened again, “Enable” and “”“” are checked/ticked again in their checkboxes. Same thing happens when “” is deleted, in that when you shut Comodo and open it up again, the deleted stuff is back again with a check next to it!!!

So tonight what I did is delete “” and put a wrong URL in, shut Comodo, opened it back up, and found that the wrong URL was still there complete with a check in it’s checkbox (!!!) and that “” was not there; had not returned.

This seemed to be quite a promising development, so will this alteration in the “Auto-Update” Panel stop Comodo from updating??? Is there any way “” could surreptitiously rematerialise in the “Auto-Update” panel and start downloading stuff into Comodo???

Hope somebody who knows about the Comodo updating system can provide some information about these things (have looked at “Updating” in the Comodo “Help” but was unable to find any instructions on how to disable the Auto-Update).

Thank you, and very much appreciate your superb FireWall, Comodo, always use Comodo!!!

Are you looking for the Automatically Check for the program updates setting?