How to disable all alerts


I am setting up Comodo CIS on several non-tech users PCs. These people are complete novices in using computers and have no idea about security. In one case this is about the 5th time in a year I have had to format this person’s PC because they have ■■■■■■■ it up with dozens of viruses and junk.

I am trying to completely lock down the PC and prevent them from shooting themselves in the foot.

If they see a Comodo alert they will simple click Allow. I’ve tried explaining this and it just doesn’t sink in. It’s like their mouse gravitates towards the OK button without any intervention from their brain. (I’ve actually watched them do it, and when I say “Why did you click allow on that message?” they respond with “what message?”)

I need to be able to disable all alerts, and default absolutely everything to block by default. I will setup exclusions just for the apps I have installed and I know are safe. Is this possible? I’ve tried playing with as many settings as I can find but it still seems to show defense+ alerts and give them the option to allow unrecognized .exe files to run.

Thanks for any help.

When you apply Parental Controls you can disable all alerts. Follow Configuring CIS for Max Security with Zero Alerts - Simplified by 3xist. to set it up.

Or its predecessor How To Achieve Max Security With ZERO Alerts! which holds a video tutorial as well.

There is also a discussion topic in case you are interested.

Brilliant. Thanks EricJH, that looks like exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’ll try it out tonight.

Good luck with it.