How to determine if Defense+ is on or off? [Resolved]

While doing some diagnosing, I went to the Advanced screen, selected Defense+ Settings and checked the Deactivate the Defense+ permanently (requires a system restart). I allowed the restart.
After the restart, I tried to determine if Defense+ was truly off and could not. The tray icon Defense+ Security Level was Clean PC Mode. The summary page said All system are active and running. Deactivate the Defense+ permanently (requires a system restart) was checked.
Was Defense+ running or not? How can I determine this?
Thanks much…John

XP Pro x64

If you want ensure - download and launch any new *.exe file - there will be no alert from D+. If so - it is deactivated.

If you right click the tray icon and check the defence + security level it should say ‘Disabled’. If it does not then try changing it from there and rebooting. It works on my system.


Thanks much N.T.T.W. and goodbrazer.
I will give both a try when I need to deactivate Defense+ again.

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