How to delete records (Submitted) ?

Someone tell me?
Why when you send files on unidentified check they are not on the list: - Sent?
Although when you send writes sent. And I will be remember that I have already sent the files if they are not in displayed — Sent?
CIS window
Protection - Unidentified files CIS-5.10

P.S. I understand - there are records sent files from quarantine.
Okay. And then how to delete these records? ( archive removed, from the quarantine files removed ). Record remains. Roll back to the point of repairing - Sent files - record remains.?

How do I delete these records? ??? (After sending) Screenshot.
Quarantine clean. These files are nowhere to be found.
Roll back (a point created restoration) entries remain.
Any assistance. Thanks.

CIS 5.10.

Edit: If this defect of these versions.
Since the CIS 6 is a way to remove.
So that’s a big minus. :-TD

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Hi jenny66,
Deleting the submit.n file from the following folder will clear the list.
C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\database

The file will recreate when required or next system reboot.


Thanks for the reply.
Yes. I’ve already understood. But I thought there was another way.
(Badly that the records appear when you roll back the system).
Perhaps they need to be removed prior to Recover?
So it’s no follow-up in these versions.
We see this not thought of yet. :wink:
In any case, thank you again. Waiting for the new GUI in CIS 6 and will go and watch it.

Good luck to you. :-TU

Edit: These records must be removed to restore the system.(they will not appear anymore)

Edit: I all reconsider. The only way not to send anything through the CIS. Thanks.

Sorry I do not know any other way in 5.X versions.

When doing a lookup CIS will first check the hash of the file against the cloud to see if the file is known. When it is known it will not be uploaded (sent). That could explain what you are seeing.

Thank you.
This means

  1. If on the cloud, the records (known) may not appear remarks (there will be only those that are not known).
  2. If the cloud is off, then all the files will be sent to get the list.

P.S. Now more or less clear. (It is advisable to include the cloud.)
I turned it off. There have already been mentioned on this forum. Why turn off the cloud. And answer from Melih.

Edit: My second post. Cloud was off.