How to delete previous backups/Delete All


I wanted to know how to delete everything and files thats already back’ up on the server

- Jacob Kilgore
C-O-M-O-D-O Forum Moderator

To delete single snapshot:
Restore - Select snapshot you need - check root folder - Delete - Snapshot

Batch deletion of snapshots is not available yet but can be done in next releases.

Here’s how you can manage your data stored at COB storage removing data that you don’t need and freeing space for new backups:

Click “Restore” → Select any snapshot → Click “Remove”

Then select one of options:

  • Remove current snapshot
  • Remove selected files from current snaphot only
  • Remove selected files from all snapshots (i.e. all versions of these files)
  • Remove several snapshots at once (advanced snapshot removal)
  • Remove whole computer

To remove several snapshots at once select “advanced snapshot removal”:

You can select several snapshots and click “Calculate free space” to find out how much space will be freed if they will be deleted. “Remove selected” will actually delete them.

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