How to delete Next Sheduled backup?

see the last line
How to delete it? I don’t want to back up automatically.

Hello qazwsxedcrfvg,

If you go to manage, you should see a calendar, select a date for 24 Dec 2010, then you should get this (attached)
you simple select the x symbol and should remove the schedule

You can also, select ‘list’ top right of the window, and it will list all schedule back ups/restore

hope this helps!


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It helped but you are wrong. Because I needed to select not 24th.
Very inconvenient. Go to the past to see that something is scheduled and planned for the future; and calculate in your head when /which day it should happen.

Thanks anyway. 88)

that’s strange…

I created a schedule as you did, (different date) step1
then i deleted/removed the schedule step2

Also, you may check here

and i didn’t reappear on the list

Please post a screenshot of the list please,


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Thank you Jacob,
appreciate your help and effort.

I meant that I was able to delete the schedule successfully. But in order to delete it I needed to select the 19th Dec (my last automatic backup (Fridays and Sundays)).
So what I meant in order to delete this scheduled task, I had to go NOT to 24th (which I think other people will try to do (and I did tried before posting on this forum) as this was the date when the scheduled task WILL RUN, as stated on the very first screen shot), but to 19th (when the task WAS created, the date which we don’t know (no information on the first provided screen shot)).
And this is why I could not find it, and found it very inconvenient
Thank you for you help.

Ah, I see

You could ask for this in a wishlist

You are welcome!