How to delete Email Accounts in AntiSpam?

How can I delete Email Accounts in Comodo AntiSpam?

By mistake I have got too many Email Accounts registred in AntiSpam.

There are copies and Accounts with different names of my original Account. I just need one Account. How can I delete or get rid of the ones I don´t need? I think the extras are just confusing.

There are an option to enable/disable, but I want to clean AntiSpam from Accounts I don´t need.

Lately I have got some spam messages who got through to my Inbox in my mailprogram. I think this has something to do with all enabled/disabled unnecessary Accounts…


AntiSpam leaks!

I have now got some spams from not authenticated spammers trough AntiSpam to my inbox.

Can it has to do with the fact that I by mistake has unnecessary email accounts that is duplicates of my original account? And how to get rid of those unnecessary accounts?

How can I test that AntiSpam is totally safe?