How to delete blocked applications

G’day everyone

I’m using Comodo Firewall 5.10x. Yesterday I installed a program that tried to access the internet. I did not want it to access the internet, so I blocked it at the firewall. However, today I do want that program to access the internet. This means that I must delete the rule that blocks it. I think I have visited every tab and every link on the firewall control panel, but to no avail. What must I do to see a list of programs that are blocked, and where I can select a blocked program (or a rule about a blocked program) and delete the rule?


Hi leuce,

When you received a FW alert for a program trying to access the internet, if you don’t check “remember my answer” in the popup, CIS will act one time according to your answer but won’t make a rule.

Now, if for the program you’re mentioning, you’ve checked “remember my answer” in the popup, then you should find the rule made in FW > Network Security Policy > Application Rules.
When you’ve found the rule for this program, click on it (it must be something like c:\program Files\program xxx.exe), then on the “remove” button on the right of the window and finally on OK.