How to deal with new trojan of this sort??

A clean file but it contains a malicious dll. Dll carrying unwanted code will then be a keylogger or a dialer and even something more severe.
How to use comodo to cope with them?(Seeing that default rules and settings will ignore it) ??? ???

Use the MAX Comodo settings and if still get infected use other cleaning products to get rid of the infection if Comodo fails…

It depends on who considers the file ‘clean’.

If the code contains a keylogger or a dialer, the Comodo analysts will not consider the file safe. (It will not be added to the whitelist) If it’s malicious, they will create a virus signature. If it’s not necessarily malicious, they will label it as potentially unwanted, then it is up to the user to decide if they want it to run on their system.

If however, the user is the one who determined the file is ‘clean’, by way of trusting or excluding the file, then CIS will respect your decision and leave it alone.

The dll or file released are automatically trusted because of those trusted vendors. This is the problem.

Report any such applications here: Report trusted and whitelisted malware here-2012 (NO LIVE MALWARE!)