how to deactivate the auto block?

I want to deactivate the function of “how long should a suspicious host be automatically blocked after it attempts a port scan?” default setting is 5 minutes

but how to deactivate it? and I cannot put “0 minute” in the box…please help!

Welcome to the forum, tbtb2 (:WAV).

You can’t :(. At least not in 2.4. I don’t know about v3 yet. You can only reduce the chance of emergency mode from being effective through Security > Advance > AADAP > Configure > increase the number settings for the floods and scans. But someone already threw this in the wishlist.


V3 alpha does allow a setting of ZERO seconds for emergency mode. Ditto, hosts can be blocked for ZERO minutes. Please bear in mind this may change in future releases, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it change.

Ewen :slight_smile: