How to create a rule for TrustedApplication for a hole Network Directory.

Hello. Dear Forum (:WAV)

I’m Using Commodo since a week on Vista Ultimate 64Bit. It works fine.
I’ve some trusted Programs on our local network.
How is it possible to trust a hole Directory and all subdirecories on the network.
Trustin a single exe ist possible.
The applicationam in “Computer Security Policy” is: \Device\Mup\servername\public\test\test.exe

I’ll trust all Applications located in \servername\public\test and in all sudirectories of it.

Thank you for your help.


I don’t believe that you can set an application rule for a folder or network path, mainly because application rules are for applications.

I likewise believe it would be an incredibly bad thing to do, even if you could. If you trusted the contents of a folder, regardless of what the contents were, anything/everything would then be able to run form that location, regardless of the nature of the file, malware, trojans included.

Just don’t do it. I understand that it would be far more convenient if you could, but security will always impose some restrictions over convenience. This is a case where security wins.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks you for your reply.
I Think that I have and I coult live with that. (:WIN)


I’ve another Question:

Shell I Open another Posting with the following Question?

I’ve enterd some applicaiton-Rules on network Executables.

There ist a funktion “Purge” to delete Computer Security Policy.
The File still exists on the Network. The rule works, but with Purge it would be Purged.
Du you know what hier goes wrong?

The Purge-Line is:

The file is located under:

Thank you for your help.