How to create a bootable DVD of my "System Drive C" using Comodo Backup?

Can some one give me ideas and Know-How? Thanks ???

Hi Rabelop,

            Welcome to comodo forums  (:CLP). I hope there in no option like that in comodo backup to make a bootable CD/DVD. (:NRD)

You hope there is no option like that? why would you say such a thing. I would love to have the capability to make a backup/restore bootable disk for my system.

me too.

Me three.

me four.

Okay, I know this is ridiculous, but… Me Five!! ;D

Yours truly,

Ok guys I think its time to OFFICIALLY (if it’s NOT already there) put this in the ‘what comodo should develop next’ thread.

Yes, I would also love such feature

I want a simple version, you boot from CD, select whether you want FULL or system state backup (Just the program files and OS) then you can choose the destination (DVD, Network, External HD), then it burns or puts the image into the destination, with the dvd’s, make them bootable.

That would be great, anything past that (GUI, and other ■■■■, look at what happened to Norton) needs to made into a new product, so people who want simplicity and reliability are not peeved off.

cheers, rotty

Hi Rotty,
This is an great idea rooty.Try to post this in to COMODO BACKUP wishlist and hope for the best.The comodo people could come with the solution for your wish in the NEXT release or UPDATE. (:KWL)

Way ahead of yuh, not on hi specific idea but the idea of the thread at least.