How to crash report

Windows 11 22H2 Enterprise

sorry, can inform

  1. system and version;
  2. other software of security, if installed or in use;

I put it in the main thread

Honestly been fighting this issue for nearly 2 months now and still haven’t seen results through nearly 20-30 wipes and reinstallations. I believe it to be a Microsoft issue but have not the proper knowledge to fully get the big picture. But have noticed , immense list of DLL files , some sketchy registers entries and similar stacks of same processes running simultaneously when visibly there is only 1 or none in screen that just keep repopulating after killing the process. If any updates or solutions that would be amazing :smiling_face_with_tear:

to create a report…

  1. version of your system;
  2. version of software installed and version;
  3. others softwares installed;
  4. description of error or bug…

Hi narooko,

Thank you for reporting.
We are checking on this.
We will keep you posted.


I actually believe it was due to this recent zero day exploit. I spent hours scouring through files after a fresh install and found many scripts that I know I didn’t create and held calls to items I didn’t recognize

Hi narooko,

The team is working on it.
We will update you once we get update from the team.