How to correctly remove, uninstall?

Which is the best way to completely uninstall and remove Comodo Dragon? The installer shows
three option button choices: Upgrade, Uninstall, and Install As Portable. Comodo Dragon is also
listed in Control Panel’s Add/Remove section. So for uninstalling Comodo Dragon, which
way is best or proper?

Hi string_game,
Choosing Uninstall from the Install file will search for Dragons Uninstall application file and execute it if Dragon is installed.
Choosing Uninstall in Add/Remove programs executes Dragons Uninstall application file.
Choosing Uninstall from Dragons folder in the start menu executes Dragons Uninstall application file.

All three ways results in exactly the same final outcome, but the second two are the most common conventional way as a lot of people delete the Install file after installation.