How to control hidden browser IP connections?


When I click on “outgoing connections” and “active connections” I see that my browser regularly connects to IP’s from google, noscripts go daddy and other companys and even sends and receives some bytes.

I know thats normal but is there a way that I can controll that behaviour? I can disconnect a connection by right click on it but how can I define some rules there?

thanks very much

Mozilla and Chromium based browsers typically connect to Google to update their lists of rogue websites. Virtually all browsers will periodically check for certificate revocation lists, by connecting to various certificate companies.

You can usually disable both of these in the options for the respective browsers.

Go Daddy is a certificate authority. The browser may connect to them to check the validity of certificates. I would not advise to block this connection.

You can make a list of IP’s and add them to Blocked Zones. Or add an add block or other block list to your Hosts file.