How to configure two networks on one machine?

My main computer has two networks (different subnets/IPs). One network is wireless (local net) and the other is DSL (internet). When I installed Comodo it did not see the internet interface, I had to define it. I want to leave everything open on the “Local” net and block traffic (like Netbios) on the “internet”.

Is Comodo a good choice for this function and if how do you do this if possible?

I assume that your Wireless network is in a private ip space, let’s say or

If you use the Stealth port wizard option 1 - “Define a new trusted network stealth my ports to everyone else”
And use your wireless ip space as a trusted network then after finishing the Wizard you should check you Global Rules in the Firewall policy and see what it made of it.

Now all your “wireless” traffic is allowed and the rest should be blocked.

You are correct. The wireless (home network) 192.168.1.x / I do need the “internet” space for email, web etc.

Thanks for reply.

The stealth wizard is only for incoming traffic, so you should be “invisible” from the internet to you.

For applications going out to the internet it depends on the state the firewall’s in.

Training Mode, it will assume all is good, and allow and learn every app that connects to the internet.
Safe Mode, will allow everything Comodo thinks is safe, the rest will give you a prompt what to do allow/deny
Custom Policy, will allways prompt and let you decide.

If you sure your pc is clean use Training mode for a week or so, else you can chose Safe or Custom.

I am just a little curious why the initial installation saw the wireless (local 192…) network but did not see the other interface at all? I had to define that one as the “internet” interface.

i believe there are more reports on “strange” behavior of the “detect network feature” in this version of CFP.